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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Windows Easy Tips- Computer Tips

Windows 8 was expected by many Windows customers worldwide the consumer-oriented review... 10000 Customer review released for testing after it crossed the download before Wednesday or later.

Doesn't matter whether it is to upgrade your noticed changes and new functions in the Windows right away Windows 8 to Windows seven will do dual boot 8 such interesting software to use it, enjoy and will allow any...

1.    Familiarize yourself with hot deals

After you install the Windows 8 presents hot offers you can see the start selection no longer exists in pc mode should identical functions of the start selection.

The following part of the hot area. :

·         Moves to the end remaining area + remaining click on City UI
·         Base remaining area + right click on System Administrator, start the strategies for energy customers. Including · control immediate, Control Board, energy choices.
·         Top remaining area shows the thumbnails of the start Windows to change them to simply click on...
·         At the top of the display limits + pc, drag the City Screen dragging one side
·         For the end right area of Windows of charm just like 8 Windows Aero peak
·         Right area 8 shows a screen for your menus.

Two.   8 keyboard strategies for Windows:

Is part of the hot key I have found I use a wide range of hot keys to Windows 8 navigation very easy. Here. :

·         Windows key City UI will show you
·         + Keyword to win 7 to launch a identical program in the window
·         + Q win for all programs that are installed on you will see
·         In + win immediate search for the configuration
·         + F win immediate file search
·         Win + I to access the configurations for the sidebar
·         + P win multiple observe configurations will be shown to you
·         Win + X energy user strategies, click on Control Board, and the control immediate, energy choices, such as your System Administrator is shown.
·         + The win program of City bar in your program will be displayed
·         (Period) +. Win and place use of the train on the right part of the screen
·         + Move (period) +. Win and place use of train on the remaining part of the screen
·         + J to win you, you can change between apps train snap.
·         + Web page Up and Web page Down win to shift the program to observe the adjacent metro
·         Win + tab helps you change between start applications