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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Using the unseen character

funny computerDo you have something that needs a name but you do not want anything in it? You could just toss rubbish in there, but a empty area would be best. In reality, there is an unseen character! This unique personality is the comparative of a space:
Hold down ALT then kind 0160 (Alt+0160) on the variety key pad at the right part of your key pad.
Ways to Use the Invisible Character
You could use it as an current e-mail deal with when submitting forms: @ .com
Giving your desktop pc strategies empty brands so all you see is the symbol. (This will only perform on strategies, not on My Computer, My Records, or system symbols.)
You must have your quick way brands set to fall darkness so that the they are obvious.
Then, adhere to the regular way to modify the filename: simply select the name gradually two periods to emphasize the name. Or simply select the symbol once and hit F2.
Type in our unseen personality value (Alt+0160). There you go–an symbol with no brand.
Keep in thoughts that if you want to do this to other strategies you cannot have the same name, so just kind the value more than once. That indicates that for the first quick way you kind Alt+0160 launch the Alt key then kind Alt+0160 again. For the third symbol do it three periods, etc.