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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Top 10 Windows 8 tips and tricks

Customize your tiles

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Make the most of your Ms windows Begin display flooring by adjusting the sizes, where they are located, and what is listed.

Move any floor by simply clicking and pulling the floor. While going a floor, if you need a larger perspective of the Begin display shift the floor towards the top or base of the display to zoom out.
Use your mouse wheel to scroll left-to-right through your flooring.
Any Desktop pc quick way or system can be pinned to the Begin display by right-clicking the symbol and selecting Pin to Begin.
In the end right-hand area of the beginning display is a magnifier with flooring, just click this symbol to get a zoomed out perspective of your Begin display. In this perspective, if you right-click on a number of flooring you'll be given the option to name team, which can be useful if you have a number of related flooring (e.g. games). In this perspective, you can also just click and drag a team to organize your floor categories.
Create a new rate push between floor categories by going a floor to a rate push.
Resize any Customer floor or Live floor by right-clicking the floor and selecting re-size.
If there is a floor you want on your Taskbar, right-click the floor and choose Pin to taskbar.
Show admin applications on the Begin display by simply clicking Configurations in Appeal, just click Configurations, and change the Display administrative tools from No to Yes.
In Internet Explorer 10, you can also pin any of your preferred web pages to your Begin Screen.
Windows 8 key pad shortcuts

Knowing at least some of the Ms windows 8 key pad strategies will create your Ms windows 8 experience much more enjoyable. Try to memorize these top Ms windows 8 quick way important factors.

Press the Ms windows key to start the Begin display or switch to the Desktop pc (if open).
Press the Ms windows key + D will start the Ms windows Desktop pc.
Press the Ms windows key + . to pin and unpin Ms windows applications on the part of the display.
Press the Ms windows key + X to start the energy user selection, which gives you entry to many of the features most energy customers would want (e.g. Device Administrator and Command Prompt).
Press the Ms windows key + C to start the Appeal.
Press the Ms windows key + I to start the Configurations, which is the same Configurations discovered in Appeal.
Press and hold the Ms windows key + Tab to demonstrate start applications.
Press the Ms windows key + Print display to create a display shot, which is automatically saved into your My Pictures folder.
See our Ms windows strategies page for a complete listing of all Ms windows strategies.

Know your hot corners

The sides on your display are hot sides and provides you entry to different Ms windows features. Below, is a brief explanation of each of these sides.

Bottom Left-hand corner

The base left-hand hot area of the display will allow you to accessibility the Begin display, if you're in the Begin display and have the Desktop pc start, this area will start the Desktop pc from the Begin display.

Tip: Right-clicking in the left-hand area will start the energy user selection.

Top-left area of the screen

Moving a button button to the top-left area and then down will display all the applications operating on the pc. Clicking and pulling any of these applications to the remaining or right-hand part of the display will breeze that app to that part of the display. Each of these start app icons can also be right-clicked to close or breeze.

Right-hand part of the screen

On the complete right-hand part of the display will be given entry to the Ms windows Appeal.

Taking benefits of search

The Look for in Ms windows 8 has been considerably enhanced when compared to all past editions of Ms windows. To discover a computer file or run a system in Ms windows 8 from the Begin display just start entering what you're looking for or want to run.

As you begin entering, the results starts appearing on the left-hand part. In addition to being able to discover information and run programs, the Look for also supports limiting the search to applications such as Fund, Individuals, Maps, Images, Mail, Music, Videos, Climate, and much more. If what you are looking for is not a computer file or system, simply simply select the app you wish to use as the search. For example, if you were looking for "New York" and selected the Climate App you would be proven the elements in New You are able to, NY.

By default, Look for organizes the available Apps by how frequently they are used and then from a to z. If you want to keep your preferred app at the top of the Look for list, right-click the app and choose Pin. Pinning the app will lock it in place regardless of how often it is used. If there is an app you don't want (e.g. Finance) you can turn on and off any of the search applications through the PC settings, which is discovered under the Configurations in the Appeal.

Bonus tip: The Look for is also discovered through Appeal and can also be started out by pushing Ms windows key + F.

Running two applications part by side

Any app can be pinned to the remaining or right-hand part of the display. For example, start the Individuals app and then media the Ms windows Key + . (period) to shift that app to the right-hand part of the display, pushing the same important factors again will shift it to the left-hand part, and pushing the same important factors again will create it complete display. While an app is pinned, any other app or system can be started out and loaded into the available space on the display. For example, in the below image, we've started out a browser screen and have the Individuals app operating to observe our public networking sites.

windows 8 shortcut

Any start app can also be pinned using your mouse by simply clicking at the top of the floor and pulling it to the remaining or right-hand part of the display.

Bonus tip: The Desktop pc can also be pinned to the remaining or right-hand part of the display.

Note: In order for breeze to work properly your resolution must be at least 1,366 x 768.

Windows 8 Process Manager

The Ms windows 8 Process Administrator has been considerably enhanced over past editions of Ms windows. Some of the new changes include showing a complete percent utilization at the top of your Procedures, which makes it easier to determine complete memory and CPU utilization, enhanced Performance graphs, a Start-up tab to see startup processes and their impact to system performance, and the App history tab (as proven below) that gives you the complete resources an app has used over a time period. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to begin with exploring the new Process Administrator.

windows password tips

Use a photo security password to log into your computer

Windows 8 includes a new function called Picture security password, which allows you to authenticate with the pc using a series of gestures which include circles, straight lines, and taps. Enable this function if you want a new way to accessibility your pc or have difficulties with passwords.

Open the Ms windows Appeal.
Click Configurations and then More PC settings
In the PC settings screen just click Users and then select Build a photo password
Bonus tip: A four digit pin security password can also be created and used to accessibility your pc.

Take benefits of Ms windows 8 apps

Windows 8 comes involved with several applications to help you get the most from your pc. Below are just a few of the involved applications.


Microsoft touts the Individuals function in Ms windows 8 because they understand how lots of everyone is using public networking sites today. In the Individuals function you'll be able to connect your Ms windows pc to all the major public networking sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Once connected, you can pin individuals app and observe your public networking (as proven below), use Individuals in Look for to discover people, and get an overview of what is happening in all your public networking sites.

windows 8


The Audience app provides you with PDF support right out of the box.


The SkyDrive app provides you with entry to the Ms reasoning service SkyDrive, which allows you to shop your photos, documents, and other information in the reasoning and accessibility or share those information with any pc with Internet connection.


Take benefits of the Ms windows Store and install one or more of the thousands of available applications designed for Ms windows 8. The Store is discovered in the Begin display, or use Look for to look for the Store app for any applications that you are looking for.

Know the answers to common questions

Windows 8 is the biggest change to Ms Microsof company windows since the introduction of Ms windows 95, which was released all the way back in 1995. Since so lots of many people have grown up with Ms windows, it can be difficult to transition to a new way of doing things. Below, is a narrow your search of the most common concerns past Ms windows customers will have.

Friday, 14 December 2012

How to Create your own Pic - Computer Tips

By Mitz

Windows always has so many functions, there is no way to know about them all, but  of course I try to find them. Here is one that can customize the whole feel of your pc.

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When you keep your pc unwatched a display saving usually bursts up. Not only does this preserve your display from passing away, but it prevents other people from watching what you had on the display at the time. I will explain to you how to modify your display saving, but with a perspective.

If you already shop your images in the My Image directory on your pc, it will be easy to make a display saving slide display.
create your own pic

To allow the Windows slide display screensaver

Right simply simply select the vacant display which is the desktop computer. This will start the Display Qualities box.
Choose the Screensaver Tab from the top menu
In the fall down selection, select My Image Slideshow
Click on Review to see what it is going to look like.. If there are images that you do not like shift them out
Press Implement, then OK
There is a issue with this slide display. It reveals any picture at random that is in the My Pictures directory. I had to shift my Auction web sites images out of this directory to quit them from displaying, even though they were in their own sub-folder.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Gmail Drive guide to use Gmail space as online storage drive- Computer Tips

Googlemail is really popular among customers of all the email clients available on the web and that is not because it has a cool interface rather it is popular for its stability and huge area which includes storage space area of 6000 mb  and increasing. Search engines does not stop here and recently Search engines declared that customers can now buy more on the internet storage space for Search engines services just by paying a little amount. So why not use this on the internet storage space area and use it on the outside probably as a network generate or one of your own pc difficult disks.

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Use Search engines Storage Space as Search engines Drive

I am going to show different methods by which your can use your Googlemail consideration area as your disk generate that too no cost. You will be able to download (or should I say copy) accessories from your Googlemail consideration to your pc just as you would do from a generate on your pc. You can also use this area to publish content direct from your pc and preserve it on the internet in your Googlemail consideration.


GMail Drive is a Shell Namespace Expansion that makes a exclusive filesystem around your Search engines Email consideration, allowing you to use Googlemail as a storage space method.

GMail Drive makes a exclusive filesystem on top of your Search engines Googlemail consideration and enables you to preserve and recover information saved on your Googlemail consideration directly from inside Windows Traveler. GMail Drive basically contributes a new generate to your pc under the My Computer directory, where you can make new files, duplicate and drag’n'drop information to.

With GMail Drive you can easily duplicate information to your Search engines Email Account and recover them again.
When you make a new computer file using GMail Drive, it produces an e-mail and content it to your consideration. The e-mail appears in your regular Mailbox directory, and the computer file is attached as an e-mail connection. GMail Drive regularly checks your mail consideration (using the Googlemail search function) to see if new information have came and to restore the directory components. But basically GMail Drive functions as any other hard-drive installed on your pc.
You can duplicate information to and from the GMail Drive directory simply by using drag’n'drop like you’re used to with the regular Traveler files.

Because the Googlemail information will mess up your Mailbox directory, you may wish to make a filter in Googlemail to instantly move the information (prefixed with the GMAILFS characters in the subject) to your stored mail directory.

Please note that GMail Drive is still an trial device. There is still a number of restrictions of the file-system (such as total filename size must be less than 65 characters). Since the device connects with the no cost Googlemail Service provided by Search engines, changes in the Googlemail program may break the tool’s ability to operate. I cannot guarantee that information saved in this manner will be accessible in the future.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Access Any Website Or Forum Without Registering - Computer Tips

Check out any community or web page to find something useful and they will ask you to sign-up. Whenever a community requests me to sign-up, I simply near the site. You would probably do the same. But now, let us accept it.

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Before I begin, you should know how things work. All sites and boards will prevent unpublished customers, but they will not prevent Search engines Bot. What we will do is to change our Customer Broker to that of Search engines Bot and easily look through any web page or community without applying.

First get the add-on for Chrome known as ‘user agent’ here and set up it. Now go to Resources > Customer Broker Switcher > Choices and then again to Choices.
without registration

Select User Agent from the left sidebar and click Add. Now in the description field type:


and in user agent field type:

Googlebot/2.1 (+http://www.googlebot.com/bot.html)

as shown in the screenshot below.
forum use

Select Google Bot as your User Script by going to Tools > User Agent Switcher.
unregistered forum

Friday, 7 December 2012

What is database - Computer Tips

A details source is a selection of related details saved in an efficient and compact manner. The word “efficient” indicates that saved details can be utilized very easily and quickly.

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Similarly, the word “compact” indicates that saved details takes up as little space as possible. In the above definition of details source, the phrase “related data’ is used. It indicates that a details source contains details or details about a particular topic such as:
Database of workers that contains details of workers of an company or division.
Database of learners that contains details of learners of college or university.
A details source holds related details as well as information of that details. For this reason, a details source is also defined as a self describing selection of integrated information. The information of details is known as the system selection or details dictionary or meta-data. For example when a table of a details source is designed, the details type, size, format and other descriptions of areas are specified. This is an example of meta-data, which describes the properties of details to be saved into areas of table.

The details of any company is its integral part. The details is very important for developing new products and their marketing. The details must be precise and available when needed. This is the reason that all company must organize and manage their details into details source. The data source are used for variety of purposes in as company. For example, when you purchase products from target, the checkout associate will pass the purchased product through a scanner device known as bar value audience. This device will read the bar value printed on the product and gives the precise price of the product.  Actually, the bar value audience is obtaining the details source, which contains the details about the products. The bar value audience is connected to a details source program system, which uses the bar value to access price of product. The details source system instantly updates the details source. The associate can also check whether a required product is in stock by running the details source program system. In the same way, you can purchase products using your credit score cards. Your credit score is examined by a cards audience connected to a pc. In this case, there is a details source somewhere that contains details about your credit score. Almost all organizations and gov departments of every country in world use details source to maintain their information. Some examples of large data source that have been developed around the world are:

When you sketch amount from bank through ATM cards, you are obtaining the database; your account is utilized and examined through auto teller machine. When you sketch some amount from your account, your record in the details source is instantly updated immediately.

When you visit check your local selection, there may be a automated details source containing details of the books in the selection. There will be a automated index, which allows you to find a book based on its title, its author’s name etc.

The meteorological company contains data source having details about current and previous meteorological details. The meteorological division is totally dependent on the meteorological details.

A details source may be generated and managed personally or it may be automated. The selection cards selection is an example of a details source that is created and managed personally. On the other hand, a automated details source may be created and managed either by using program system, which is developed specifically for that purpose or by a details source management systems.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012



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Sunday, 2 December 2012

How to apply password and compressed feature in windows XP? - Computer Tips

In windows XP, you can store your information on disk generate using less area than normal size. There is no need to set up any third party software to pack or relax your information, you can use windows built-in information pressure or decompression function to handle generate area issue.

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I think many users are concerned about the security of their data file and directory also, so another benefit of this function, you can secure your compacted data file and files with security password.

Follow the given steps to apply the pressure and security password function to mange data:

First dual simply simply click "My Computer" and locate the generate where you want to make compacted (zipped) directory. For example, if you want to make this compacted (zipped) directory on C generate, then start C generate.

Here start the "File" selection, go to "New" then simply simply click "Compressed (zipped) Folder" choice.
windows password tips

Rename this directory according to information information and media "Enter" key.

windows tips for password

Now you can move (drag and fall or duplicate and paste) your data files and files to this compacted (zipped) directory then pressure function will apply instantly on that information.
add password to windows

When you want to start these compacted data files, simple right simply simply click compacted directory and simply simply click Draw out All. This extract magician will instantly extract all these data files to location you choose.

protect windows with password

Now if you want to secure this compacted directory with security password, simply start the compacted directory and go to "File" selection then here simply simply click "Add a Password" choice.
password tips for windows

A small dialogue box will appear with headline "Add Password", type security password in "Password" box and validate security password also then media Ok key.
last step for setting password

Now when you will try to start your compacted data files, system will immediate you a dialogue box to get into security password to start this data file.
password finnal step

XP SysKey Trick - Computer Tips

If you have Windows XP then I really think you're going to like this week's protection tip. Are you in a scenario where you really don't want anybody obtaining close relatives members PC while you're not around? Maybe you don't want anybody to use your pc at all. Maybe you just want a little stronger management over when and by whom your PC gets used. If any of these circumstances appears to be like yours then study on.

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This week's protection tip is on the syskey management. The syskey is a management range device to help you allow your Start-up Key. Without getting too techy on you, the Start-up key is a complicated criteria that if designed can quit anyone from signing on to your program who doesn't presents the key. No startup display or customer records will be available until you existing the key, you're generally looking at a dark display with one little alone display asking for the Start-up Key to get accessibility. The Start-up Key, which is a weak generate with the appropriate key value, basically needs to be placed into the weak generate, and triggered. This will fulfill the protection ask for and allow you to continue to the sign in display. If you don't have a weak generate then I'm reluctant you might as well quit studying now.

The Start-up Key is designed when you allow the Start-up Key procedure as described later here. One factor you must keep in thoughts, and is essential, you should create at least one duplicate of this weak, check it to guarantee that it performs, and put it in a secure home. If you reduce this Key you will not be able to log into you Managing System. You may even want to create a third duplicate to keep off-site. If you do reduce your Start-up key then your only choice is to use a Recover Hard generate (If you have one) to reinstate your pc registry to a condition it was before allowing of Start-up Key.

OK, if this appears to be like a protection evaluate you would like to put into activity then adhere to the guidelines below. Again, please create at least one duplicate of this generate so you don't secure yourself out of your program and deliver me a lot of dislike e-mail. Well, with that said twice I think it's display time. The guidelines below will help you get factors set up, and below that I have connected a weblink out to Windows details on this so you can look it over.


* Go to Start/Run and in the empty area kind "syskey" media get into, or OK.
* You should see a little display named "Securing the Windows XP Consideration Database". From this Window choose the "Update" key to shift to the next display.
* The "Startup Key" is the next display. You'll see a number of choices there, but the one we are looking for says "Startup Key on weak disk", along with some caution about how your program is going to startup now.
* After choosing this basically click OK, and a pop-up will aware you that the key has been modified. Another concept follows asking you to position a generate in generate A: (Floppy drive).
* Insert the weak, basically click OK, and one more display will come up informing you that the Key has been modified and you need to have this weak generate to be able to log into Windows. That's exactly what we want.

When you're all done go forward and remove the weak (you might want to fall the little secure up on the weak to guarantee you don't structure it on accident), and reboot the PC. Windows will appear to come up normally, but after it plenty the kernel the "Windows XP Start-up Key Disk" display pops-up. Get your Start-up Key weak put it in the weak generate, and choose OK. You'll see Windows stock up and carry you to your customer logon display.

I informed you this is a awesome technique and really allows secure down you PC. I wish you get some use out of this, but please be cautious.

How to download the youtube videos on hard disk? - Computer Tips

Using this tip, you can easily obtain the youtube. com.com movies and preserve on your pc difficult drive. Actually all video clips are saved online. com in flash movie structure, so you can simply play these video clips on the web page and can't preserve directly to your pc. But there are many tools are available in the market to obtain these video clips on the difficult drive, but here you can do this using a web page. You can convert also the downloaded video clips from youtube. com into any common movie structure, for example, windows media movie computer file (wmv), windows movie computer file (avi) and movie computer file (mpeg).

Follow the given steps to obtain video clips from youtube. com on your computer:


First open www.youtube.com then plays any your favorite movie.

For example, you look for video clips clip and the URL of that youtube. com movie is


save youtube video easily

The ID if this look for is pVkUG6XLItc after equal sign.

Now open a web page http://youtube.navi-gate.org, now copy and paste above movie ID in the look for box, and press button ID look for.

youtube search tips

The result may be displayed in any different language, but don't worry, just click on obtain button and preserve this movie on your pc difficult drive. Now use any movie converter to convert it in any other common structure.
youtube success tips

Beware of fake security warnings! - Computer Tips

Sometimes you'll be browsing the web and a screen bursts up that looks like a genuine caution from Windows. Before you click on, study properly and you'll discover that it's just a pop up ad trying to attract you to a item website by simply clicking "Yes". I've even seen some with a protect that appears like the new SP2 Protection Middle logo.

11 steps to make your pc faster – Solve slow running problem

Just simply select the X at the top of the screen to shut it and go on your way.

Back Up Your Data- Computer TIps

Just about everybody has essential information on their generate drive, from digital images to essential records, e-mails, arranged sites the record goes on and on. In my encounter people are pretty lax about support up their PCs, and I think this really is an area that should get attention. With a excellent returning up set you can recovery from a critical generate drive accident and be up and operating with all the your images, records, downloading, email and most favorite before you know it. Having essential information files stored on detachable press is also a excellent protection safety measure in case you get a malware or Virus equine.

11 steps to make your pc faster – Solve slow running problem

There are a variety of different methods to returning up essential information, from the informal duplicate to operating complex planned returning ups. There is no wrong way, as long you have a duplicate of everything you need.

You can preserve the information on a variety of different kinds of press (floppy, ZIP, CD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, Display storage, even dat drives) but for home use I really suggest either CDs or DVDs, floppies are just to little, Zip fasteners, although larger than floppies are still little (100-200MB), and they're old and kind of expensive. Display storage can shop information but it's not really something you want to preserve information to and shop away unless there is no other option. DAT footage are more for the business end of factors and are overkill in most houses. CDs are cheap, hold a lot of information, work on any PC and are super simple to shop.

If you use CD-RW, or DVD-RW you can actually spend less by creating "round robin" with your returning ups. To do this, you need at lest 3-4 of the same back-up set, take the earliest and remove it. Now use the empty generate for the new back-up, when you do a back-up use the earliest generate in the set and so on and so forth.

As for the methods of support up, I find it's simplest when all my designed information files and files are arranged in arranged way and not spread all over my generate drive. This is a excellent way to guarantee that you don't forget anything essential by tracking for a lot of individual information files. An simple way to stay arranged is to make a descriptively marked directory framework and try to be persistent about preserving your information to it's designed directory.

Another sound exercise is to test your returning ups, don't just take the losing programs term for it. After a back-up, discover the generate and at random go through information files and start them up to make sure that they're finish and not damaged. Learn from my encounter, awaiting a finish system failing is not a fun a chance to check the credibility of your returning ups. This is a excellent way to get yourself in a lot of trouble as well ?I know if didn't returning up the images or films of our kids I wouldn't be able to live with my self.

Once you have all your geese in a row, it's a chance to returning up. There are various methods to do this as well. The most convenient is to start you losing program and choose information CD and go through the directory then traveler and get the files you want to returning up. When you decide on a directory you should see it in the "burn" choice screen, once you done with your back-up choice choose "burn".

If you have Windows XP you have the high-class of being able to start up the empty CD or DVD in Windows Explorer and duplicating and sticking the preferred files right onto the generate and choose "Write information files to CD" and Windows will do the rest for you. This is awesome but not all of us have XP, and I individually still like to use my third-party application.

Most losing application has their own back-up services, and there are a variety of third-party returning up headings out there. The good thing regarding using these kinds of application is the choices. Things like pressure, back-up tasks, and step-by-step returning ups. These are awesome features especially when you have some returning ups that you want to guarantee are up to date. For example, you can make a "Back up Set" which is generally a stored and known as record of files and information files that you want supported up. This makes the whole process so easy?you can make a back-up set and once per weeks time or so your can run it and it will either make a new returning up or preserve just the changes to the back-up. These are two choices that are usually found in back-up programs. If you use "backup sets", it's essential to keep the information files arranged, and in all the correct files. You can also routine Backup Jobs, which are generally back-up places that are planned to run at pre-specified times, and durations (i.e. once per weeks time Saturday at 6:00).

Be Careful with Attachments- Computer Tips

There have been a variety of really bad germs just within the last 6 several weeks. We've seen the W32.Beagle, W32.Netsky, MyDoom, and so on. Most of these germs were transferred or duplicated from pc to pc-using e-mail accessories. These are super simple to identify if you're focusing, basically because they are usually exe information files, but not always.

11 steps to make your pc faster – Solve slow running problem

Some accessories contain Macros (simple applications that run within other applications, all the headings in Ms Workplace use macros). If you're not that acquainted with finding information file additions, don't fear, that's what I'm here to discuss these days. If you are a little obscure on the whole "file extension" factor then let's invest a few minutes describing it.

File additions are what tell the program how to cure a particular item of information. For example, most individuals are somewhat acquainted with .doc or a .txt information file additions these are both written text records and when the customer reveals this information file the Managing System looks at this expansion and then knows how to start it.

Hackers try to use some kind of eye-grabbing scheme to get you to start their e-mail and stimulate the malware, which is always an connection. Most Anti-virus these days prevents, or at least cautions, you of these dangerous accessories and even take actions to secure you. However, on the normal 10-15 new germs are designed every day and I individually wouldn't depend on any program to 100% secure my pc. That's why I examine any e-mail, if I wasn't anticipating an connection, I won't start it until I had a opportunity to discuss to the email sender.

Some of the more typical information file kinds used to cover up germs include:

.scr - Microsoft windows Display Saving - USE CAUTION if you get a screen saving idea via e-mail. They can contain viruses or germs
.pif - DO NOT OPEN! This is most likely a malware. Simply clicking it will run a program or value that can ruin your pc.
.exe - exe information file - a program that contains a malware, Trojan viruses equine, or earthworms
.pps - MS PowerPoint (can contain macro virus)
.zip - Zip (compressed) information file
.vbs - Visible Primary program
.bat - Executable MS-DOS set information file
.com - DOS exe control
.asp - effective hosting server web page - online program
.doc - Term papers (can contain macro virus)
.xls - Succeed information file (can contain macro virus)

This is in no way a finish record. Just because an connection may have one of these additions doesn't mean that it is a malware, but it should deliver up caution banners. Online cyber criminals use brilliant topic collections, and germs can appear to come from a buddy so keep on your feet and don't drop prey to their inaccurate barriers. Check out those accessories and confirm with the email sender before starting.