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Monday, 26 November 2012

Lock Your Computer- Computer Tips

The best way to secure your pc with several customers 5

In an atmosphere with your pc accessibility please do not fear. is a company you want to keep safe your data from other workers to use the same pc but you also or. from your buddies and family associates every day You can increase security and secure data files and configurations.

There are various methods. Securing pc it is being utilized by several individuals. Therefore, in this article, I have collected some of the best tips you, you can secure your pc with several customers in this.

One to limit the system. A customer can perform

You could limit the system if for you to secure them, we want to push away individuals from spying around, or simply a customer out of the AppLocker can be found in only. you can begin on the pc To do that you set the guidelines of the team plan administrator this. will avoid that boundaries the customer to begin a system of that particular. .

To secure the 2. Web browser

If you are using, it works best in Chrome so you can limit the close family associates and children and to use this function as the main web browser, show the Website, to do this. are You need to set up a public Fox, which is an expansion to prevent the starting or to obtain from the web website. In addition, it also can avoid changes to the configurations of your web browser.

To secure the 3. Windows account

Suddenly, to allow you and are working on your Windows consideration to get the phone calls necessary to keep your pc instantly secure your windows to avoid entry to your screen everyone . you will be able to secure your windows in one of the following ways: instantly below:

·         Media the Windows company logo key + When you secure a screen at the same time quickly,
·         Pushing Control key + the + old and click [OK] to secure this computer
·         To create a quick way to secure your pc on your desktop

Assumptions about when it is 4. Security password to secure your pc temporarily

You, while you are using the pc by using a lot of buddies and family associates, they are always close to you if you get into the password. You can momentarily secure a pc to keep your visitors and then, because instantly to think the password. Also, you should frequently change the password to keep other individuals from wondering the password

To limit the customer from the 5. Cut and duplicate it. , Insert and eliminate files

You can do it by setting up a stand-alone data file called stopper.exe You can be run without setting up the system. It is run in the qualifications, you can avoid customers from duplicating it, paste, to eliminate the data files USB or other location.

You can stop the system who do not know about it, run the stopper.exe open the process administrator and end process just for you.