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Saturday, 29 January 2011

To turn off auto play


1. start

2. run

3. gpedit.msc

4. administrative temple

5. "System" from the right side

6. then click "Turn off autoplay"

7. select "enable"

8. select all drives from turn off

9. then "apply"

10. ok

How to make the RAM speedy

For doing so

GO First

1. Start

2. Control Panel

3. Administrative Tools

4. Local Security Policy

5. Security Settings

6. Local Policies

7. Security Options

8. Double click on the option

"Shutdown:Clear virtual memory page file"

9. Again go to



c.Type tree

d. then press Enter

And find RAM speed.

How to find more internet speed

If some one use windows xp.Then go to

1. start

2. run

3. write the tag>>gpedit.msc

4. Administrative Templates

5. expand the "network" tab

6. then "QoS Packet Scheduler "

7. then "Limit Reservable Bandwidth " & then check "enabled box"

8. change Bandwidth limit 20% to 0 %

9. click apply and restart your pc.

If keyboard does not work

Go to

1. Start

2. All Programs

3. Accessories

4. Accessibility

5. On screen keyboard

How to make PC first

To make a pc first one use this tags:

Go to Start>>Run & write the Tags

1. tree

2. %temp% and delete the files

3. temp and delete the files

4. recent and delete the files

5. help

6. dixdiag

Computer Tips

Computer Tips is given below

1. Clean your computer atleast one time in a week.

2. Use better hardware.

3. Use UPS or IPS.

4. Remove all un nessaruy files.

5. Uninstall all unnessaruy files.

6. Use lisenced anti virus.

7. dont play long time games.