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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Eliminating the “Done, but with mistakes on the page” concept in IE

solve my problemQ: When you examine out certain Web websites, you often get the mistake concept of “Done, but with mistakes on web page.” What does that mean and is there anything to do to fix it?
This mistake usually only reveals up in Online Traveler and it mainly has to do with JavaScript. If the Website you are trying to perspective uses JavaScript, you may run into a program relevant mistake, which activates the “Done, but with mistakes on page” concept. It is usually produced by one in the website's value. Only the designers of the website can get in and fix it.
In can be removed quickly by Clicking: Menu: Resources – Online Choices – Innovative tab. Check “Disable program debugging” Uncheck “Display a alert about every program error” Unless you are the designer of the web website, you may not want this alert. And like magic; issue solved!