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Monday, 26 November 2012

Win32 Application Error- Computer Tips


Not a real Win32 program.

Often this mistake concept will be similar to the following mistake concept.

C:\Program Files\myprogram\program.exe is not a real Win32 program.


This issue may be brought on by any of the following opportunities.

1. The information file is broken, bad or losing.

2. The information file is not developed for your edition of Windows.

3. The information file is a viruses, earthworms or other viruses information file.

4. Components incompatibility.


File is damaged, incorrect or missing

If the information file or system you are trying to run is broken or losing, Windows may not perform the information file properly and sometimes produce this mistake concept.

Download files

If you downloadable this information file and confirmed is complete and suitable with your edition of Windows, remove the information file and try to obtain and run again. It is possible during the obtain the information file is damaged.

Finally, if the second obtain does not perform, try to obtain the information file from a different Web page. It is possible that the person

or company keep the packed website incorrectly a broken edition of the information file you are trying to obtain.

Install a system from a CD or on another disk

If you are trying to set up a system and you are getting this mistake, confirm that the CD is fresh. If the CD is unclean or bad, you might get this mistake during set up or after you have set up the system because it was not duplicated properly on your pc.

Run a system from your computer

If you are operating the system from a quick way on the pc, confirm that the system is still on the pc. In some cases if the system is not set up on your pc, you may get this mistake.

If the disk drive is broken or bad may also cause programs of perform to failing because not all information can be read from the disk drive or because the system has been broken in it. Run scandisk and defrag the disk drive to check for potential mistakes.

Problem of lengthy information file names

Make sure that the system or information file you are trying to run has the same name as the listing of lengthy filename in the. For example, run a information file known as "program" in the "program files" listing can cause mistakes in some variations of Windows.

In addition, if you are trying to set up a system after set up, the system does not perform, you can also try to set up the system in a different listing.

Bad file

Any information file can be customized or modified the name to a information file. exe. If you are setting up the information file, make sure you assumed to the information file is an .exe information file and that is not modifying. If you are trying to make a .exe, information file make sure you are obtaining the information declare Windows and never just modify the name of a information file to a information file. exe. For example, modify the name of an .exe information file .bat information file won't information file an exe information file. So a information file as an exe information file must be collected or transformed through a system developed to turn the information file.

File is not developed for your edition of Windows

If you try to run a system that is not developed for your edition of Windows, you can get this mistake. Although many

old applications developed to run on previously variations of Windows works with new variations of Windows, unfortunately, not all applications works.

• If the system is a past MS-DOS or Windows system concepts system can get you this mistake.

• If the system is developed for a 64-bit Windows edition and is operating a 32-bit Windows edition, does not perform and produces this mistake.

File is a viruses, earthworms or other viruses file

This mistake can be produced for a information file that is a viruses, earthworms, Computer virus or viruses information file. This will often cause because the anti-virus set up on the pc will not allow the information file to set up or run. Try to check out the information file to confirm that it is not a viruses or contaminated.

If the information file has been examined and is fresh, it is possible that the viruses security system or another system set up on your pc is resulting in problems during set up or performance of the system. Start the pc in secure and try to run the program; boot the pc in secure safe method will make that nothing operating in the qualifications that could be resulting in this issue.

Hardware incompatibilities

If you are getting this mistake during the set up of a system also it is possible that the CD-ROM drive or device that is setting up the system is not suitable with Windows or have motorists that are not suitable with Windows.