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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Why Teens Prefer Money Waters From Dallas

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Teenagers may not have much in the way of real musical heroes to look up to. The current pop artists are often insipid copycats or the latest Disney boy band forced upon an unsuspecting world. Money Waters decided to mix several types of music together to come up with his own distinctive sound. Teens who listen to Muddy Waters may not be listening to real music in the eyes of their parents, but the rapper has brought soul music and the blues into rap and hip hop. The decision to be influenced by the blues and soul music is a way to turn away from the bland sounds of the mass-produced pop music heard on every single top forty station in the country.The whole story can be found at http://bjordt.wordpress.com/2011/07/18/ruthie-foster-to-bring-blues-rock-and-roll-to-door-county/
Money Waters, oddly enough, is a Texan. He may not appeal to adults, but his following among teenagers has been enough to provide him with a musical career. He even has chosen to place a pun in his name, although the pun is not obvious to everyone. The nom de plume this rapper users is a play on Muddy Waters and is more than likely a reference to his decision to bring a small bit of soul music back to larger audiences. Money Water’s put out his first album, “The Porch” in 2003.