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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Money Waters’ Fan Site for Everyone in Dallas

monet water lilies
Did you say Muddy Waters? The Blues singer? No, its Money Waters, the rapper. This artist has taken a clever approach when picking out a stage name that will instantly let fans know about his heritage and his influences. Its a refreshing take and the fans seems to be what this artist is all about. Money Water has just debuted his first album, “The Porch.” Again we can pick-up on Southern roots and have no trouble imagining the artist spending a sweltering afternoon on an old porch scribbling down lyrics and sweating through his thoughts on what it takes to make it through a mean and low-down world.I was looking for more information and found it here. Fans of any musical artist want to know as much about them as they can. Often some personal access is hard to get, especially when dealing with artists on major labels. But Money Waters has opened up himself and his music for easy access on his fan-site, Moneywaters.com. Here fans can find the lyrics to songs, critical reviews of the rappers debut album, and even biographical information concerning the artist.
A calender is setup to let fans know about upcoming tour dates and also any type of media event which the artist will be attending. The site also maintains archives for fans that are interested in acquiring an in-depth knowledge of the history of the artist’s career. This site is easy to use, intuitive, and designed in a blog-forum type of style, so users should feel right at home when viewing the content. WordPress is the software behind the template, which is a common program among many freelancing artists, making it nice to see that the ugly head of a corporate mogul is yet to show up. So in a sense, the artist is ‘keeping it real.’ The lyrics are censored for young fans. However, being that it appears that this site is run by the artist himself, I don’t feel that they should sensor their own work. Overall, this is a great site that is sure to expose this artist to a new and growing fan base.