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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Other Musicians From Texas

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We all know Money’s from Dallas but if you haven’t spent a lot of time on your satellitestarinternet.com connection looking up other artists you may be surprised to find out these talented musicians are also from Texas…
Dimebag Darrel Abbot – He’s a rapper, too, and though he was gunned down in 2004 he made quite a name for himself here in the Lone Star state.
Clint Black – He’s about the farthest thing from Money’s musical stylings but Clint Black has acquired quite a fan base in the country music scene.
T-Bone Burnett – Once married to Shania Twain, T-Bone has his own musical chops and now works mostly as a producer.
Chamillionaire – He’s gained recent notoriety as a gangsta rapper but did you know he was born and raised here in Texas?
Kirk Franklin – If you like gospel, you’ve heard of Kirk Franklin. He was born and made his career here in Texas.
Blind Willie Johnson – He had his hand in everything from Blues to Gospel and he earned his nickname because he was, well, blind.