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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

For Fans and Wanna Be Friends of Money Waters

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Money Waters is a rising star from Dallas Texas. His name, Money Waters, comes from the famous blues singer named Muddy Waters. He released his first album entitled ” The Porch” in 2003. It quickly gained recognition among fans and critics. He released his second album in 2006 entitled “Swalhaggin”, which was also critically acclaimed and well-received by fans.
Money Waters has performed alongside may famous rappers including Busta Rhymes, Slim Thug and UKG. Although some may label Waters’s music as hip-hop, many music fans say that his music does not fit one particular genre. They say that Water’s music can be put into at least three different categories.
Money Waters is a relatively new artist and remains unknown to many, but he still has the potential to have a very successful career. Allhiphop.com states that Waters is an underground legend that has great talent. Fans and critics also like the fact that Waters is staying true to himself and his music, which is something that many musicians today are lacking. Waters is all about keeping things real and he stated in a recent interview that, “music is therapy to the soul, so I guess that my I make soul music.