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Thursday, 29 November 2012

WS App Review: TV Guide Mobile- Mobile Tips

In the present day of electronic TV, satellite tv and wire it’s difficult to have any idea what is on TV any longer without some kind of details. Even basic over the air electronic TV now has several programs per network. TV Guide Cellular is the best solution I’ve found to finding out what exactly is on TV and tracking what you want to look at without paying for a registration to a details journal or service.

TV Guide Cellular installation originally requests you for your zip value, where you can choose aerial TV, satellite tv or wire provider so the correct TV programs and applications are shown in the details. You can look through up to two weeks in advance and quickly change to moment or primary time reveals. Once you discover a display you’re thinking of viewing, you can click on it for more system details, air schedules and other display details. You can set an aware of tell you or add it to your Watchlist which will keep a record of the reveals you want to look at.

TV Guide Cellular also allows you to look for for a keyword and key phrase to discover applications. This comes in useful when you want to look at a display about a specific category or subject and do not remember the headline of the system. Want a food preparation show? Find food preparation. It’s that simple!

What’s not to love? The system is ad reinforced, so there are little advertising ads at the bottom of the system. It’s a little issue since the system is provided absolutely no cost but still worth referring to.


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- Free entertaining TV results for transmitted, wire & satellite tv providers
- Observe list and This evening TV makes sure you do not skip the applications you want
- Retrieveable to discover all times a TV display is on