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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Computer Restarting Without Warning - Solution

It can be happen for some common problem like
a.       Unusual software problem
b.      Hardware problem
c.       CMOS battery problem
d.      Virus problem
e.      Heat problem
A . Unusual Software : some unusual problem can cause unusual restart for your computer . so while using internet have to be aware about that is the software is safe or not. Some software will change your setting and which will cause for unexpected restart.
B. Hardware problem : Some hardware like power supply and cooling fan is also reliable for shutting down problem. So you have to check and fix this kind of hardware problem to fix the problem.
C. CMOS battery problem : CMOS battery is also a hardware part of computer and when your CMOS batter does not work properly then it can turn off or can restart your PC.
D. Virus Problem : Virus can made your PC damaged . So try to free safe from virus. For doing that check devices like flash drive before entered on your computer.
E. Heat Problem: when internal hardware are effected with dust it can be cause for heat and when PC will be heated it will turned off or it can be restarted

But as common solution you can follow this steps

a.       Write click on Desktop
b.      Click on properties
c.       In the system properties click on Advanced
d.      Then click to Advanced System Setting
e.      From Start up and recovery area uncheck the automatically restart option.
f.        Then save it by clicking ok.
If you do so your computer will run even if your system have hardware problem.

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