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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Limiting Windows Windows vista and 7 Sign in at Startup

computer windows tipsWhen you begin your Windows Windows vista or Windows seven pc, by standard the program makes you get into your security password to log in. Here is a way to get around it.
When you first set up Windows vista or 7 and begin using it, you are required to get into in a security password for your consideration. But after that, you are not really given a choice to eliminate the security password if you do not want it. You’re just kind of trapped entering it in every time and that can get old rather quickly!
If you are not the only one who uses your pc, consider making it this way. It is a good security function and it helps to keep all of the different records, information and choices individual from each other. But if you are the only one who ever uses your pc, you should be able to get rid of the security password immediate if you want.
If you would like to avoid the Windows Windows vista and 7 log on process and eliminate your security password, just follow these steps:
Go to Start, Control Board.
Click on the Customer Accounts and Family Protection weblink.
Next, simply simply select the Customer Accounts weblink.
Under the “Make changes to your user account” area, simply simply select the Remove Your Password weblink for your consideration.
On the next display that comes up, get into in your current security password.
Click on the Remove Password key to validate everything.
Close out of all the keep the windows open and reboot your pc. That will allow you to test the program to make sure your security password really was eliminated.
From now on, when you begin up your Windows vista pc, you will be taken to your desktop computer instantly and you will no longer have to fear about a security password.