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Monday, 26 November 2012

Shortcut Keys Tips For Windows PC- Computer Tips

Also improve if you use a button button for routing in comparison time more or near program and reactions screen in it various things...

Will help really you to your Ms windows at high-speed in the management was presented here creates. Some of the unidentified Ms windows strategies.

Global strategies to be used in Windows

1. Win + 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

This fast way is useful if you want to start the applications you are pinned to the taskbar... It is useful and you release the program, such as so quickly have important program on the taskbar to be able... This technique is useful for Ms windows. 7

2. Win + old + 1, 2, 3 etc.

This fast way is useful to start the leap record for the program in the taskbar to start any program in the record will help... Open the leap record can choose any record you want once up or down, use the arrows to...

3. Win + T:

Like can pattern through start rather than take this fast way places it a button button suggestion symbol, taskbar program is... Each program or depend on because whenever it's your mouse without the start screen of operating what is a much quicker way to find...

4. Win + Home:

This can reduce all the Ms windows currently start screen except the.

5. The win + up / down:

It is one of the most useful strategies to help you reduce or improve the screen you have start this... Performs has the choice to reduce or improve the screen start just lengthy...

6. + crack win:

Want to have a fast look in the qualities of your program, and you use this fast way instead of around a lengthy way simply using a button button.

7. Control + SHIFT + ESC:

This screen is useful. 7 It is your media CTRL a to remove, while instead you can start the Process Administrator so + old +...

Windows Traveler shortcut:

These strategies are in the other program, not only because of the Ms windows Traveler works...

1. Old + UP:

This fast way is using this operate area you can get around one directory.

2. SHIFT + F10:

This will start the context-menu right simply click performance. This is a very useful fast way. You can look for right term instantly it is because this choice in MS Word very useful.

3. Move + a:

This computer file is rubbish without delivering it to quickly and completely remove... Before you can use this fast way to remove something, be sure...

4. Get into old +:

You can computer file, or start the qualities of the directory, or modify the configurations, you can modify...

5. F2 fast way is available to modify the computer file name.

6. F3 can you start Ms Microsoft windows Traveler, you can use the look for bar.

7. F6 you can pattern through a different item in the currently start screen. Can is used, work in other applications, it is distributing through various places in Ms windows Traveler.