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Sunday, 25 November 2012

GALAXY Note II – More Intelligent Features

Smartphones are quick becoming a aspect of everybody's lifestyle and so are product PCs. This is why the New samsung Universe observe II is so awesome because it brings together both of these awesome gadgets.

The New samsung Universe observe has some awesome functions that you need to see to believe. Below I have published a brief evaluation and included a provided movie that reveals even more amazing functions. Study on to discover out if the New samsung Universe observe II is for you.

Tablet Mixed With a Intelligent Phone

I have used the New samsung Universe III cellphone as my little girl has one. It is definitely amazing but just on the little aspect for me. I choose a a little bit bigger display when it comes to this type of device. Now this is the appeal of the New samsung Universe observe II, it is just big enough to use as a product and just little enough to use as a cellphone. The factor is, you are eliminating two wildlife with one rock here.

Multi-Tasking with Multi-Windows

This New samsung Universe observe II allows you to run to programs at the same time and divided them on the same display. You could be viewing a you Pipe movie in the top 50 percent and verifying your e-mails in the end 50 percent. Actually you can also have Facebook or myspace on one screen and Tweets on the other. This creates this phone/tablet excellent for cellular public networking.

Here is a record of Applications that can perform with the Split Screen:

Chat On
Google Talk
Web browser
Google Maps
S Note
Video Player
Screen Quality

It is awesome how far technological innovation has purchased us these days and the new New samsung Universe observe to will create your sight pop with enjoyment. The design on the cellphone are awesome and you will not be able to see only one pixel. Everything is sharp and obvious. Even with less p and a bigger display than the unique Note, the sharpness is much greater.

Samsung’s Skinned Edition of Android

galaxy note two
Android is a fantastic os for these little gadgets but New samsung has created it better by such as Touchwiz. This cellular operating-system epidermis requires a little bit of getting used to, but once you get to see all the functions you will be impressed by how useful it is. For example automated food selection pop up when you link headphones or when you eliminate the S pen from the port. This os is very user-friendly and I can see how useful it will be.