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Monday, 16 December 2013

Online Earning - Its Time to Shine!

Online Earning - After spending a valuable time in deciding what job is appropriate for you and choosing a trusted website for you to work with, you should begin to put up your foundations through creating an account for you to start working as soon as possible. First thing to do is create an account, if for example you choose to work with oDesk or Elance as an article writer then you should fill up the signup form present on the website. Take a look at this sample.

This is a sample signup form in oDesk and the user is now ready to sign up in the website. You can create your own oDesk account in this link, www.odesk.com/signup After signing up, there will be a confirmation message that will be sent in in your email account. You should be able to confirm your account first before you can sign in and get started with the worksite. All other websites that requires an account will surely demand a verification from your email. Don’t worry they will be sending it a few seconds after you created an account to earn from online.

                Now that you have created your account, the next thing to do just like building a house is to furnish and decorate it. Answer the tests required for you to take and other tests related to your field of interest in order to show that you are really experienced and good at your chosen work. This will make the employer interested to hire you ! After taking and passing the tests then you are now ready to apply for a job of your choice. One good job to start with an easy requirement for application is technical writing. It is here that the only demand from you is a good english skills and a passing grammar degree. If it happens that you are not hired for the job you are choosing then don’t give up. You can do something about your profile to make it appealing to the standards of your employer in order for you to land your first job and earn your precious salaries. So you are Ready for Online Earning.

                However if you are interested in the other field of work like advertisements then you should study something related on how to choose good ads for your website. Answering surveys can also be a good start up job. Here is one of the good website for survey jobs and you can create an account here, www.globaltestmarket.com. Its either your job is to answer a survey or to spread the surveys to target individuals wherein the information will be obtained. Maintain a good reputation for you to be trusted by your employer, thus giving you higher rates and even bonuses.

                Possible job interest for you can also be on blog writing and posting it to your own website. Here is a link to create your own website and do blogging as you wish. www.freewebsite.com You can integrate affiliate marketing in your website by posting ads on your blogs with whatever product or service your affiliate gives you and earning commisions if it happens to have a sale. Its a two-time earning strategy, someone views your blog and you get earnings and also they see advertisements that will possibly hook them to buy.  In choosing an affiliate, you can evaluate their credibility on this particular website that gives you a helpful information if the website you choose to work with is a scam site or not. Take the URL and paste it in here, www.scamadviser.com and see if its a trusted site.

                These are simple things to follow in creating your profile and guides you for starting your own work. Bear in mind that the secret to have an appealing profile is integrity and dedication to whatever job you land in. Don’t think much of the payment, focus yourself on providing them quality works and I am sure, good bids and bonuses comes in a rush. Happy Online Earning.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Content Writing Tips - Article Spinning

What is article spinning

article spinning tipsArticle spinning is a way to rewrite the article technically to avoid the delicacy on search engine. Search engine always prefer legal or real content and it does not allow to steal content from other source without permission of its owner. So search engine worker and article writer discovered a technique that if they change the form of verb, then search engine index it as original content.

Is article spinning is legal way

Article spinning is helpful when it being rewritten manually, but if it done by auto generated software then it can harm. Because when an article been rewritten with any software, user fails to understand what the author wants to say. So the main purpose for writing the article does not work or a blog fails to keep their user satisfied. So auto generating software for writing article or spinning article is not good.

So can I manually rewrite or spin my article

Here I am sharing how you can rewrite or spin an article properly, search engine mainly give preference to verbs and every verb have some synonyms. So first of all for spinning an article open a Microsoft office file and collect sources by surfing internet. Then make the verb change with synonyms. For getting some synonyms select specific verb and write click on the verb. You will get some suggestion for selecting proper synonym. After doing all verb chance with proper synonym clear all format of fonts.

Your content is ready. Then make some heading as point and read the article full. You will get some sentence which does not mean anything. So your job is now make the sentences meaningful. If you follow this way then you will get totally fresh content which is not copied.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Secrete SEO Technique to Rank Up Your Site First - Link Wheel

What Is Link Wheel?
link wheel technique

A link wheel is a process to link up multiple sites in a circle for a specific purpose or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purpose. Basically link wheel stands based on web 2.0 platform and the real reason for making link wheel is promoting a specific or multiple sites importance to search engine.

How To Create Link Wheel

There is no specific rules for creating link wheel, just need some webpage to create a wheel or circle which is based on web 2.0 properties.  There are no bindings that you have to create only on paid web sites, so you can choose free web 2.0 services also. After creating some blog site you have to link up technically so that your main site be focused on search engine. For doing so you will find various types of images to create link wheel.

Is Link Wheel Important For SEO

Of course link wheel have great impact on SEO, if one can create a link wheel properly then there have great chance to get positive result. In Search Engine Optimization procedure a single link is also important. If one can make a link in quality site then he must will get traffic from that link and site will ranked must.

Link Wheel is “Black Hat” or “White Hat” Technique

Debate about this topic are huge that link wheel is black hat or white hat. A technique will black hat when it breaks or violate the rules of google. There is no specific indication on google terms that abides to make link wheel for SEO purpose and link building technique will be spam when link will be created hugely to get rank first. So creating link wheel in proper way is not the black hat technique.

Can anyone depends only on link wheel to Rank Up His Site

It’s not wise work to depend only on link wheel to rank up a site. It’s a support technique for getting better rank on search engine.  It’s actually helps to increase PR (page rank) of a website which is much needed thing for web owner and when PR increases, its keyword rank visibility also increases.  As PR updates in every three to five month, so for getting result from link wheel it will take five more month.

Can I Buy Link Wheel Service

Buying a link wheel service is not wiser work , because if you buy for a specific site from a person he/she will remove your link from his site after a certain time. Search engine index every specific link from web world. A single broken link can do harm of your site and it can be down from your desired ranking. So for creating link wheel all should use their own sites.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Computer Restarting Without Warning - Solution

It can be happen for some common problem like
a.       Unusual software problem
b.      Hardware problem
c.       CMOS battery problem
d.      Virus problem
e.      Heat problem
A . Unusual Software : some unusual problem can cause unusual restart for your computer . so while using internet have to be aware about that is the software is safe or not. Some software will change your setting and which will cause for unexpected restart.
B. Hardware problem : Some hardware like power supply and cooling fan is also reliable for shutting down problem. So you have to check and fix this kind of hardware problem to fix the problem.
C. CMOS battery problem : CMOS battery is also a hardware part of computer and when your CMOS batter does not work properly then it can turn off or can restart your PC.
D. Virus Problem : Virus can made your PC damaged . So try to free safe from virus. For doing that check devices like flash drive before entered on your computer.
E. Heat Problem: when internal hardware are effected with dust it can be cause for heat and when PC will be heated it will turned off or it can be restarted

But as common solution you can follow this steps

a.       Write click on Desktop
b.      Click on properties
c.       In the system properties click on Advanced
d.      Then click to Advanced System Setting
e.      From Start up and recovery area uncheck the automatically restart option.
f.        Then save it by clicking ok.
If you do so your computer will run even if your system have hardware problem.

restart problem

Sunday, 3 March 2013

How to Recover Wordpress Admin Password or Wordpress Login Password?

What would you do when you missing your WordPress Administration Security password and the password restoration choices is not delivering you the appropriate password? Pay $100 to a designer or easy Adhere to the actions and do it for 100 % free.

Solve Unexpected Restart Problem Within Two minute

In First Method I will Show How You Can Recover form PHP MyAdmin:  

  • You have to open your Cpanel form your hosting . 

  • From all databases you have to open "wordpress database" for recovering wordpress login Password. 

  • Then open the table "wp_users"

  • On the next display, just click surf on “user_login” and discover ID asociate with your login

  • Come Back back to “wp_users” table again.
  • wordpress login
  •  On “user_pass” area just click surf and find ID associated with your sign in. Click Modify.

  • Next to the ID variety kind in your new password  ( It is very case sensitive , so do it carefully)

  • Once done, just click dropdown selection and chosen MD5 from menu

  • That is it. Done. Create sure MD5 and security password properly.

The Second Method I Wanna Show is "Emergency Password Reset Script"

  • Sign in to your hosting server administration consideration (cPanel, Hsphere, Plesk, etc...)
  • Open up PHP MyAdmin (see your host's help file)
  • Open up your WordPress blog site database
  • Don't anxiety when you see the complex screen
  • Click on wp_users in the left-hand column
  • Choose surf from the top menu
  • You will see all your customers with usernames and passwords
  • Go returning to the sign in screen
  • Request a new password
  • If necessary change the e-mail to one which will come to you