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Sunday, 2 December 2012

XP SysKey Trick - Computer Tips

If you have Windows XP then I really think you're going to like this week's protection tip. Are you in a scenario where you really don't want anybody obtaining close relatives members PC while you're not around? Maybe you don't want anybody to use your pc at all. Maybe you just want a little stronger management over when and by whom your PC gets used. If any of these circumstances appears to be like yours then study on.

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This week's protection tip is on the syskey management. The syskey is a management range device to help you allow your Start-up Key. Without getting too techy on you, the Start-up key is a complicated criteria that if designed can quit anyone from signing on to your program who doesn't presents the key. No startup display or customer records will be available until you existing the key, you're generally looking at a dark display with one little alone display asking for the Start-up Key to get accessibility. The Start-up Key, which is a weak generate with the appropriate key value, basically needs to be placed into the weak generate, and triggered. This will fulfill the protection ask for and allow you to continue to the sign in display. If you don't have a weak generate then I'm reluctant you might as well quit studying now.

The Start-up Key is designed when you allow the Start-up Key procedure as described later here. One factor you must keep in thoughts, and is essential, you should create at least one duplicate of this weak, check it to guarantee that it performs, and put it in a secure home. If you reduce this Key you will not be able to log into you Managing System. You may even want to create a third duplicate to keep off-site. If you do reduce your Start-up key then your only choice is to use a Recover Hard generate (If you have one) to reinstate your pc registry to a condition it was before allowing of Start-up Key.

OK, if this appears to be like a protection evaluate you would like to put into activity then adhere to the guidelines below. Again, please create at least one duplicate of this generate so you don't secure yourself out of your program and deliver me a lot of dislike e-mail. Well, with that said twice I think it's display time. The guidelines below will help you get factors set up, and below that I have connected a weblink out to Windows details on this so you can look it over.


* Go to Start/Run and in the empty area kind "syskey" media get into, or OK.
* You should see a little display named "Securing the Windows XP Consideration Database". From this Window choose the "Update" key to shift to the next display.
* The "Startup Key" is the next display. You'll see a number of choices there, but the one we are looking for says "Startup Key on weak disk", along with some caution about how your program is going to startup now.
* After choosing this basically click OK, and a pop-up will aware you that the key has been modified. Another concept follows asking you to position a generate in generate A: (Floppy drive).
* Insert the weak, basically click OK, and one more display will come up informing you that the Key has been modified and you need to have this weak generate to be able to log into Windows. That's exactly what we want.

When you're all done go forward and remove the weak (you might want to fall the little secure up on the weak to guarantee you don't structure it on accident), and reboot the PC. Windows will appear to come up normally, but after it plenty the kernel the "Windows XP Start-up Key Disk" display pops-up. Get your Start-up Key weak put it in the weak generate, and choose OK. You'll see Windows stock up and carry you to your customer logon display.

I informed you this is a awesome technique and really allows secure down you PC. I wish you get some use out of this, but please be cautious.