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Friday, 14 December 2012

How to Create your own Pic - Computer Tips

By Mitz

Windows always has so many functions, there is no way to know about them all, but  of course I try to find them. Here is one that can customize the whole feel of your pc.

Solve Unexpected Restart Problem Within Two minute

When you keep your pc unwatched a display saving usually bursts up. Not only does this preserve your display from passing away, but it prevents other people from watching what you had on the display at the time. I will explain to you how to modify your display saving, but with a perspective.

If you already shop your images in the My Image directory on your pc, it will be easy to make a display saving slide display.
create your own pic

To allow the Windows slide display screensaver

Right simply simply select the vacant display which is the desktop computer. This will start the Display Qualities box.
Choose the Screensaver Tab from the top menu
In the fall down selection, select My Image Slideshow
Click on Review to see what it is going to look like.. If there are images that you do not like shift them out
Press Implement, then OK
There is a issue with this slide display. It reveals any picture at random that is in the My Pictures directory. I had to shift my Auction web sites images out of this directory to quit them from displaying, even though they were in their own sub-folder.