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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Top 10 Windows 8 tips and tricks

Customize your tiles

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Make the most of your Ms windows Begin display flooring by adjusting the sizes, where they are located, and what is listed.

Move any floor by simply clicking and pulling the floor. While going a floor, if you need a larger perspective of the Begin display shift the floor towards the top or base of the display to zoom out.
Use your mouse wheel to scroll left-to-right through your flooring.
Any Desktop pc quick way or system can be pinned to the Begin display by right-clicking the symbol and selecting Pin to Begin.
In the end right-hand area of the beginning display is a magnifier with flooring, just click this symbol to get a zoomed out perspective of your Begin display. In this perspective, if you right-click on a number of flooring you'll be given the option to name team, which can be useful if you have a number of related flooring (e.g. games). In this perspective, you can also just click and drag a team to organize your floor categories.
Create a new rate push between floor categories by going a floor to a rate push.
Resize any Customer floor or Live floor by right-clicking the floor and selecting re-size.
If there is a floor you want on your Taskbar, right-click the floor and choose Pin to taskbar.
Show admin applications on the Begin display by simply clicking Configurations in Appeal, just click Configurations, and change the Display administrative tools from No to Yes.
In Internet Explorer 10, you can also pin any of your preferred web pages to your Begin Screen.
Windows 8 key pad shortcuts

Knowing at least some of the Ms windows 8 key pad strategies will create your Ms windows 8 experience much more enjoyable. Try to memorize these top Ms windows 8 quick way important factors.

Press the Ms windows key to start the Begin display or switch to the Desktop pc (if open).
Press the Ms windows key + D will start the Ms windows Desktop pc.
Press the Ms windows key + . to pin and unpin Ms windows applications on the part of the display.
Press the Ms windows key + X to start the energy user selection, which gives you entry to many of the features most energy customers would want (e.g. Device Administrator and Command Prompt).
Press the Ms windows key + C to start the Appeal.
Press the Ms windows key + I to start the Configurations, which is the same Configurations discovered in Appeal.
Press and hold the Ms windows key + Tab to demonstrate start applications.
Press the Ms windows key + Print display to create a display shot, which is automatically saved into your My Pictures folder.
See our Ms windows strategies page for a complete listing of all Ms windows strategies.

Know your hot corners

The sides on your display are hot sides and provides you entry to different Ms windows features. Below, is a brief explanation of each of these sides.

Bottom Left-hand corner

The base left-hand hot area of the display will allow you to accessibility the Begin display, if you're in the Begin display and have the Desktop pc start, this area will start the Desktop pc from the Begin display.

Tip: Right-clicking in the left-hand area will start the energy user selection.

Top-left area of the screen

Moving a button button to the top-left area and then down will display all the applications operating on the pc. Clicking and pulling any of these applications to the remaining or right-hand part of the display will breeze that app to that part of the display. Each of these start app icons can also be right-clicked to close or breeze.

Right-hand part of the screen

On the complete right-hand part of the display will be given entry to the Ms windows Appeal.

Taking benefits of search

The Look for in Ms windows 8 has been considerably enhanced when compared to all past editions of Ms windows. To discover a computer file or run a system in Ms windows 8 from the Begin display just start entering what you're looking for or want to run.

As you begin entering, the results starts appearing on the left-hand part. In addition to being able to discover information and run programs, the Look for also supports limiting the search to applications such as Fund, Individuals, Maps, Images, Mail, Music, Videos, Climate, and much more. If what you are looking for is not a computer file or system, simply simply select the app you wish to use as the search. For example, if you were looking for "New York" and selected the Climate App you would be proven the elements in New You are able to, NY.

By default, Look for organizes the available Apps by how frequently they are used and then from a to z. If you want to keep your preferred app at the top of the Look for list, right-click the app and choose Pin. Pinning the app will lock it in place regardless of how often it is used. If there is an app you don't want (e.g. Finance) you can turn on and off any of the search applications through the PC settings, which is discovered under the Configurations in the Appeal.

Bonus tip: The Look for is also discovered through Appeal and can also be started out by pushing Ms windows key + F.

Running two applications part by side

Any app can be pinned to the remaining or right-hand part of the display. For example, start the Individuals app and then media the Ms windows Key + . (period) to shift that app to the right-hand part of the display, pushing the same important factors again will shift it to the left-hand part, and pushing the same important factors again will create it complete display. While an app is pinned, any other app or system can be started out and loaded into the available space on the display. For example, in the below image, we've started out a browser screen and have the Individuals app operating to observe our public networking sites.

windows 8 shortcut

Any start app can also be pinned using your mouse by simply clicking at the top of the floor and pulling it to the remaining or right-hand part of the display.

Bonus tip: The Desktop pc can also be pinned to the remaining or right-hand part of the display.

Note: In order for breeze to work properly your resolution must be at least 1,366 x 768.

Windows 8 Process Manager

The Ms windows 8 Process Administrator has been considerably enhanced over past editions of Ms windows. Some of the new changes include showing a complete percent utilization at the top of your Procedures, which makes it easier to determine complete memory and CPU utilization, enhanced Performance graphs, a Start-up tab to see startup processes and their impact to system performance, and the App history tab (as proven below) that gives you the complete resources an app has used over a time period. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to begin with exploring the new Process Administrator.

windows password tips

Use a photo security password to log into your computer

Windows 8 includes a new function called Picture security password, which allows you to authenticate with the pc using a series of gestures which include circles, straight lines, and taps. Enable this function if you want a new way to accessibility your pc or have difficulties with passwords.

Open the Ms windows Appeal.
Click Configurations and then More PC settings
In the PC settings screen just click Users and then select Build a photo password
Bonus tip: A four digit pin security password can also be created and used to accessibility your pc.

Take benefits of Ms windows 8 apps

Windows 8 comes involved with several applications to help you get the most from your pc. Below are just a few of the involved applications.


Microsoft touts the Individuals function in Ms windows 8 because they understand how lots of everyone is using public networking sites today. In the Individuals function you'll be able to connect your Ms windows pc to all the major public networking sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Once connected, you can pin individuals app and observe your public networking (as proven below), use Individuals in Look for to discover people, and get an overview of what is happening in all your public networking sites.

windows 8


The Audience app provides you with PDF support right out of the box.


The SkyDrive app provides you with entry to the Ms reasoning service SkyDrive, which allows you to shop your photos, documents, and other information in the reasoning and accessibility or share those information with any pc with Internet connection.


Take benefits of the Ms windows Store and install one or more of the thousands of available applications designed for Ms windows 8. The Store is discovered in the Begin display, or use Look for to look for the Store app for any applications that you are looking for.

Know the answers to common questions

Windows 8 is the biggest change to Ms Microsof company windows since the introduction of Ms windows 95, which was released all the way back in 1995. Since so lots of many people have grown up with Ms windows, it can be difficult to transition to a new way of doing things. Below, is a narrow your search of the most common concerns past Ms windows customers will have.