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Friday, 4 March 2011

How to repair display in windows xp if screen resulation does not work?

Just follow the steps

1. Right click on my computer

2. click the hardware tab

3. Select device manager

4. find your display adapter in the device list

5. Right click on it

6. click update drivers

7. select Connect to internet this time

8. if you have disc for it put it in at this time

9. click ok

windows will search for and update your display drivers


More Tips

if that don't work

in device manager

right click on you display adapter

click uninstall

then restart you computer

after log in windows hardware wizard will Start to install you adapter

select connect to internet this time

if have a disc for it put it in your dvd drive and click ok


see if that works for you

if you have more than one display adapter then you have to set one as default
that could be the problem