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Friday, 25 March 2011

5 Reasons Thats Why Your Computer performing Slow: Reason 3

Your Computer Is performing Slow Because Your Files Are Fragmented

When you save a file, Windows writes the new file starting at the end of the old file. This keeps all the files on your computer’s hard disk close together, but it means that if you increase the size of an old file–say by adding an extra sentence to a Microsoft Word document–Windows needs to split the file into two parts.

Windows hides this split from you–it even hides it from Word–but it still exists. This sort of file splitting is called fragmenting a file.

Fragmented files take longer to load because your hard drive needs to skip around to find each part of the file.

You can easily eliminate most file fragments by performing the Windows defragmentation tool: just see now how to defragment. click here