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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Guranteed Earning From First Day

Spend 20 minute. Earn 3$/month minimum.

we naturally use internet only for chatting or browsing unnecessary websites.We maximus time doing chat in facebook. But do you know maximum Id are facke. So your time is being loose from you.

But you can use it better. You can earn minimum 3$/month by spending only 20 min. But this is lowest income. If you can try you will able to earn more.

For doing so you have to register here first. click for alertpay registration.

Then you register in this site. and after completing the registration.

Give refferer "muhib1010"

.Then you Go to "surf ads" from your profile.You will find a table with some link. click to the link . It will open a new tab/window.In this page you will see auto clock with 30 sec limit is runnning. after ending clock you will see "done" with a tick. Thats all your work is done.By following this method see all the ads. You will able to see 10-20 ads per day.

For veiwing a ad you will earn 0.001$. if you see 10 ad you will earn 0.10$. In 10 days it will 1$ and 30 days it will 3$.

You can earn more by reffering user in this site. more details are in site notice board.