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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Attributes of an Ideal PDF Reader

Attributes of an Ideal PDF Reader
By James Smith

With the emergence of e-document exchange, Portable Document Format (PDF) is an open-standard that has gained great popularity. It is self contained, secure, and is fully capable of compressing large files. It makes files transmission easy among multi-platform systems preserving the look and feel of the original document to avoid any communication problems wherever possible. That's why it's a highly acceptable file format in the e-world. There are plenty of options around when it comes to a simple PDF reader. Here in this article we have a look at some of the key attributes that should be part of the best PDF reader.

The first feature to look out for in an ideal PDF reader is its magnification and reading options. It should offer enhanced PDF reading experience with text magnification, without any loss of quality and smooth, hassle-free navigation. Annotations are another key feature that should be present in a PDF reader and which enhance a user's reading experience. Annotations are like sticky comments that can be added to a PDF document as notes or review points. PDF annotations are a great way to add some insight into a document as the notes stand out without obscuring any text or hampering reading ability. Sticky notes are the quickest and easiest comments to add to a PDF file and work well because they really stand out.

The users should be provided with advanced search options so that they are able to search for any specific string with a PDF document that they are reading. The PDF reader should not come with a cluttered interface and must be user-friendly. The users should be able to use it as their e-book reader and viewer. They should also be given the option of managing attachments and headers and footers. Some of the features must be oriented towards business purposes. Limited editing features such as converting documents into other formats which can be edited in other relevant software can also prove to be quite handy.

Another attractive feature in an ideal PDF reader can be the option to save documents in PDF format which can be subsequently printed or read as per the user's volition. Users should also be allowed to easily insert date, time, page numbers, headers, footers, custom text, graphics, logos and much more. With a few simple clicks, they should be allowed to add attachments to their PDF documents and add more life to them.

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