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Sunday, 2 August 2015


What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
on page seo factors

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process by which a site owner or developer can get higher ranking on search engine. The main source for traffic or visitor in a web site is search engine. So everybody expect to get hire ranking on search engine. When a site owner or developer works to get high ranking on search engine then it is called Search Engine Optimization.

Search engine collects data from internet cloud and when someone search for any specific data – search engine provide the data from his database. There is some parameter by which search engine provides best data to his searchers. So site owner try to fill up those criteria’s of search engine, so that search engine found his site as much important or informative site for specific keyword.

There are two types of search engine optimization – one is On Page SEO and another is Off Page SEO.

On Page SEO:

On page SEO is done inside of web page. When a web page runs there have to follow some basic structures for search engine. Site should be search engine friendly and there should some instruction for search engine also. To optimize the site for search engine one should follow the bellows checklist.

On Page SEO Checklist:

H1 , H2, H3 tag
Alt tag for image
Title prominence
Total Character on Title
Total Character on Description
Most common keywords for site
Is most common keywords used on Meta keyword or not?
 Robots txt
Sitemap, specially xml site map
Www redirection
Web mater tool
Speed of site
Link structure
Duplicate content

Domain history
**** H1 , H2 , H3 Tags :  H means Heading. H1 , H2 , H3 Means Heading one , heading two and heading three etc. There have 6 basic H tags like H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 etc. but search engine prefer H1 , H2 and  H3 tag more. These tags should use at least one time in a web site to get better On Page SEO value.

** Images with ALT Tag: The importance of image on a web site is huge. A website never complete without image. So images of web site also should optimize properly. As a human we can see and understand the images. Like when we saw an image of bird then we can realize this image is of a bird. But it is difficult to understand for software what the image is saying. So web site owner should add “alt” tag for search engine to get better ON Page Value.

***** An On Page Optimizer should know about prominence of title. Prominence is what when a keyword is used on very first of the sentence. It helps search engine to get related topic quickly.

***** To optimize properly one should use best title for his web site and title should be more relevant and not more than 60 character. Because Google can show up to 60 character in search result.

***** For description the limit is 155 characters and if someone use description between 20 to 150 character then it will be better for good optimization.

***Most Common Keywords: Most common keywords should use on Meta tag. To refer them as main keyword of your site, it should be added on Meta keyword section.

***** Robots Txt: Robot txt is an important and essential thing for On Page Optimization. It helps search engine bots to crawl your site smoothly.

***** Site map: An Xml site map helps search engine to understand the structure of a site. So it should added must on your web site. There are many types of sitemap. But search engine prefer Xml site map more.

**** WWW redirection: After hamming bird updates of Google it is an important thing for SEO to fix www redirection issue. So site owner should fix this.

***** Site Speed Check:  A web site should be lighter and thin on load time. It is an important issue what helps to get higher ranking.

***** Responsiveness:  A web site should be responsive. Because it can be visited from different device. So responsiveness is important for On Page SEO.

On Page Check List

**** Link Structure: Link Structure is an important thing on On Page SEO. It should be search engine friendly.

**** Duplicate Content: Duplicate content should be avoided. Because with duplicate content it is never possible to get ranking on search engine.

**** Flash:  Web site owner should avoid flash content to build a web site. Because flash are not search engine friendly. So we should avoid flash in our web site also.

**** Domain History: before taking domain one should check domain history. If this domain is penalize from search engine then we should avoid from taking the domain name.