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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Secrete SEO Technique to Rank Up Your Site First - Link Wheel

What Is Link Wheel?
link wheel technique

A link wheel is a process to link up multiple sites in a circle for a specific purpose or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purpose. Basically link wheel stands based on web 2.0 platform and the real reason for making link wheel is promoting a specific or multiple sites importance to search engine.

How To Create Link Wheel

There is no specific rules for creating link wheel, just need some webpage to create a wheel or circle which is based on web 2.0 properties.  There are no bindings that you have to create only on paid web sites, so you can choose free web 2.0 services also. After creating some blog site you have to link up technically so that your main site be focused on search engine. For doing so you will find various types of images to create link wheel.

Is Link Wheel Important For SEO

Of course link wheel have great impact on SEO, if one can create a link wheel properly then there have great chance to get positive result. In Search Engine Optimization procedure a single link is also important. If one can make a link in quality site then he must will get traffic from that link and site will ranked must.

Link Wheel is “Black Hat” or “White Hat” Technique

Debate about this topic are huge that link wheel is black hat or white hat. A technique will black hat when it breaks or violate the rules of google. There is no specific indication on google terms that abides to make link wheel for SEO purpose and link building technique will be spam when link will be created hugely to get rank first. So creating link wheel in proper way is not the black hat technique.

Can anyone depends only on link wheel to Rank Up His Site

It’s not wise work to depend only on link wheel to rank up a site. It’s a support technique for getting better rank on search engine.  It’s actually helps to increase PR (page rank) of a website which is much needed thing for web owner and when PR increases, its keyword rank visibility also increases.  As PR updates in every three to five month, so for getting result from link wheel it will take five more month.

Can I Buy Link Wheel Service

Buying a link wheel service is not wiser work , because if you buy for a specific site from a person he/she will remove your link from his site after a certain time. Search engine index every specific link from web world. A single broken link can do harm of your site and it can be down from your desired ranking. So for creating link wheel all should use their own sites.