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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Verify Paypal From Bangladesh or Anywhere of The World

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A Verified Paypal Account is very Important for The people who work online. Basically You Can verify your PayPal account Easily , if PayPal Allowed in your Country

But if Paypal Not Allowed in your Country ,What will you Do ? This Post Crated for Them Who Want to Verify PayPal Account to Receive Online Payment. In my Real Experience That When I was in Bangladesh I have Earned Huge Amount form Online
By Domain Parking

But PayPal Not Allowed in Bangladesh so I have Faced a lots of Problem to Receive online Payment from SEDO and NameDrive But Now I Can Receive My all Online Payment By a Verified Paypal Account . Today I will Show You to Make a Verified Paypal Account in a second
How to Verify Your Paypal Account from Bangladesh ?
At first Make a Fake American Name and Email Address . To get Fake Name ,Address , phone Number , Post Box Number , SSN No You Can Use Fake Id Generator .
So to Generate Fake Name And Address Use http://www.fakenamegenerator.com
2. Now Open a US Bank Account @ E Trade Bank By Using Fake Americ
an Name and Address ( You can Use any College or University Address) Visit This Link to Open a Amarican Bank Account
Paypal from bangladesh

a. Select Account Type : Individual account
b. Select I am new to E @Trade.
c. Fill Up Name and Address.
d. Now Give your profession Details (Any Profession Accepted) Select No. Redio Button Below 2 Question.
e.after Submitting all Information Log out form E Trade and Th

en Again Login for Example follow scree short

paypal verify from any country
Note: Here Reference Number is Your Bank Account Number
3. Now Make a Paypal Account By same Email ID and Fake American Address
Then Verify Your Paypal Account By E Trade Bank
Submit Your Bank Name as E Trade Bank
Account Type Checking
Routing Number : 25607291
Your E Trade Bank Reference ID Here
for Example Follow screenshot

need verified paypal accountThat's the technique you can get verified from bangladesh or any country of the world

How To Withdraw My PayPal Balance from bangladesh ?
To Withdraw My PayPal Balance You can Use Third Party E Exchange Company. You can Receive your Payment By Western Union (Western Union Fee Only 7 USD). Even You Can Send Your Paypal Balance Anywhere in The World By Western Union Quick Cash Service.
Note: To Use American IP Address Download Jump To Internet Browser (ww.jumpto.com - Jumpto – Internet