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Thursday, 21 July 2011

How to translate Bangla from English in Google

What is Google Translate?

Google translate is a service where one can translate a language to another. By using this service anyone can easily translate any language to his / her native language. Like , if anyone need to translate english to bangla, he have to do this work.

step 1: First go to : www.google.com

step 2: select "translate" from the upper side of the page.

step 3: you will find a text box.

step 4: select the language first which you want to translate, then select the second language in which language the the words will be translate.

step 5: write the word which you want to translate.

step 6: select the translate button.


1. go=>>google

2.select translate from upper side

3. select first language "english"

4. select second language "bangeli"

5. write some english word in text box

6. select translate.