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Friday, 22 April 2011

How to Block Website

Some times we face a problem that our babies or children discover porn site from web search. Which is harmful for them. In that time we need to block the specific site. Firefox have a advantage to block porn site by giving password.

Blocking website

For doing so follow the following steps:

1. Go to firefox tool menu.

2. Then go to "add-ons"

3. click to "get add-ons"

4. "Browse all add-ons"

5. Type "blocksite" in the search box.

6. Press "enter"

7. Click to "add to firefox" button.

8. wait to load and while being load click to "install now".

9. Restart firefox when prompted.

It is the first step you have done.

Then for blocking site go

1. firefox tools> add-ons> blocksite.

2. Make sure the "blacklist" ratio button it ticked.

3. Check "enable authentication" then give a password and save it.

4. In right side you will see add remove function.

5. Add the site address with "www".

6. Save the changes.